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Project Montessori

The Explorer 7-12 months

The Explorer 7-12 months

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Toddler Montessori Development Set (7-12 months)

Introducing our 6-in-1 Montessori Set, specially crafted for the developmental needs of toddlers aged 7 to 12 months. Each item in this set is designed to engage and stimulate your child's senses while promoting crucial motor skills.


  • Rattle
  • Hedgehog Rattle
  • Puzzle
  • Object Permanence Box
  • Interactive Book
  • Soft Blocks

Developmental Milestones for 7-12 Months:

  1. Sensory Exploration:

    • Through engaging toys like the rattle, hedgehog rattle, and soft blocks, enhancing sensory development.

  2. Motor Skills Advancement:

    • Encouraging reaching, grasping, and manipulation with objects like the puzzle and soft blocks, promoting motor skills.

  3. Cognitive Growth:

    • Utilizing Montessori principles, especially with the object permanence box, to stimulate problem-solving and logical thinking.

Montessori Magic: Witness the magic of Montessori unfold as these toys enhance problem-solving and logical thinking, laying the foundation for your toddler's cognitive growth.

Safe and Enjoyable Play: Crafted from natural wood and fabrics with non-toxic paint, featuring a smooth surface and rounded edges for maximum safety.

Comprehensive Guide: A detailed English manual is included, providing insights into the benefits of each toy and suggesting diverse play options to keep your little one engaged. 📘🤹‍♂️

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