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"Montessori children do better at reading and math but also outperform other children on a whole host of other indicators."

Why go "Montessori"?


0-1 years of age

1-2 years of age

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Great customer support

"If you want the best for your little one's development, look no further. Project Montessori offers amazing toys and puzzles  and their customer service is top notch."

Jessica, mother of one year old Emma

Quality time

In today's modern age of technology it's essential to minimize the use of screen time for playing. Project Montessori toys are perfect for this.

Madison, mother of 9 months old Adam


My almost 2 year old manages to break almost any toy, except for Project Montessori puzzles. High quality!

Max, father of a 2 year old Catherine

Why Project Montessori?