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Project Montessori

The Investigator 19-24 months

The Investigator 19-24 months

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Toddler Montessori Development Set (19-24 months)

🌟 Embark on a journey of discovery with our 6-in-1 Montessori Set, specifically tailored for toddlers aged 19 to 24 months. This versatile set includes an array of stimulating toys designed to enhance sensory development and fine motor skills.


  • Pull-Along Toy
  • Puzzle
  • Lacing Toy with Bag
  • Rotating Puzzle
  • Activity Triangle

Developmental Milestones for 19-24 Months:

  1. Gross Motor Skills and Coordination:

    • Through the inclusion of a pull-along toy and an activity triangle, encouraging toddlers to develop balance, coordination, and large muscle control.

  2. Problem-Solving and Fine Motor Skills:

    • Utilizing toys like puzzles and a rotating puzzle to stimulate problem-solving and enhance fine motor skills through manipulation and exploration.

  3. Lacing and Cognitive Development:

    • Introducing a lacing toy with a bag to promote hand-eye coordination and cognitive development, fostering early skills in threading and sorting.

  4. Sensory and Motor Exploration:

    • Incorporating Montessori principles to engage senses and motor skills, providing a well-rounded developmental experience.

Montessori Magic: Experience the magic of Montessori as our toys elevate play, imparting valuable benefits in problem-solving and logical thinking.

Comprehensive Guide: Navigate the world of Montessori effortlessly with our English manual, offering in-depth descriptions of each toy and presenting a variety of play options to keep your toddler engaged and learning. 📘🤹‍♀️

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