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Montessori Wooden Balance Beams with Stepping Stones Set

Montessori Wooden Balance Beams with Stepping Stones Set

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Transform your child's playtime into a dynamic adventure with the Montessori Wooden Balance Beams with Stepping Stones Set - an engaging set designed to promote balance, coordination, and endless imaginative play.

Montessori Advantages:

Ignite your child's creativity with the multi-layer solid wood balance beam and stepping stone set, encouraging the creation of unique obstacle courses. The set includes different colored stepping stones, offering diverse options for obstacle training, counting, color recognition, and bounce training — a true embodiment of Montessori principles.

12-Piece Harmony:

Dive into a world of physical exploration with our 12-piece balance board and stepping stones set. Crafted with care, it comprises 6 stepping stones and 6 balance beams. This comprehensive collection enhances children's body function, promoting body coordination and balance - stimulating overall movement cells.

Sturdy & Safe:

Crafted from birch plywood, our balance boards and stepping stones are sturdy and durable. The balance beams are polished smooth with round edges, featuring a natural non-toxic and non-slip coating. You can trust in the safety of your child's play on this well-designed balance beam set.

Versatile Fun:

Whether indoors or outdoors, this toddler activity balance board set is a versatile delight. Your child can enjoy it in various settings, fostering playtime creativity and offering opportunities for social interaction with friends to cultivate friendly


Invest in a playtime experience that prioritizes balance, creativity, and safety. Our Wooden Balance Beams with Stepping Stones Set is not just a toy; it's a journey into imaginative and skill-building play for your little one.

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