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Montessori Kitchen Step Stool (not painted)

Montessori Kitchen Step Stool (not painted)

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A safe and thoughtfully designed companion for your child's culinary adventures. This wooden step stool is meticulously crafted to empower children and align with the Montessori philosophy of fostering independence.


Montessori Benefits:


Encourages Independence: The Montessori Kitchen Step Stool allows children to actively participate in kitchen activities, promoting self-sufficiency and independence - a fundamental principle of Montessori education.


Safe & Sturdy Design: Crafted with safety in mind, this step stool provides a secure platform, enabling children to safely reach countertops and sinks, fostering confidence and competence in their daily tasks.


Life Skills Development: By aiding children in reaching kitchen surfaces, the step stool cultivates practical life skills, encouraging them to engage in cooking, cleaning, and other essential routines, instilling responsibility and capability.


Age Appropriate:


Ideal for young children who are eager to join in daily kitchen activities and explore the world of food preparation under a safe and watchful eye.

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