Magic Drawing Doodle Mat

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šŸ¤­ Encourage your children to draw on this matĀ toĀ inspire their creativity and imagination.

Get your toddler a head start in life. TheseĀ bright, shiny colors of the mat give children a better understanding of arts and creatives learning.

All-aroundĀ interactiveĀ set toĀ practice their creativeĀ imagination, drawing skills, animals, shapes, andĀ colorsĀ whileĀ helpingĀ withĀ language development!

Ā Why buy "Magic Drawing Doodle Mat"?

āœ…Non-toxicĀ &Ā environmentallyĀ friendlyĀ paint
āœ…Foldable to create hassle-free movement and storage
āœ…Increases childrenā€™s awarenessĀ of arts,Ā writing, colors.
āœ…Feed yourĀ childā€™s imagination inĀ arts.
āœ…Itā€™s aĀ level-up play experienceĀ forĀ kids and parents!
āœ…Great giftĀ forĀ any young artist in your household!

Package includes (see photo below):
-1 x Magic Doodle Mat;
-1 x Drawing Booklet;
-4 x Magic Pens;
-8 x Drawing templates.


Why kids love it?

āœ…All-age learning toys
āœ…Brilliant concepts for creative and interactive toys
āœ…Ideal for kids ages 3+-year-olds
āœ…Made from 100% Non-toxic and, BPA-free materials
āœ…Easy to use & perfect size for little hands, no mess, no paint.
āœ…Help encourages their imaginations for creating arts from scratch.
āœ…Naturally, draw out the talent and skill in a growing child.

The large coloring area is 39.5 X 31.5 inches, leaving more room for your kids' doodle art. No more worries about wall doodles that kids always do!
This mat comes with 4 suction cups. Easily attaches to smooth wall or window.
Just add clean tap water and start doodling on the Magic Drawing Doodle Mat. After 3-10 minutes, the drawing will magically disappear.

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