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Project Montessori

Animals & Dinosaur Puzzles 2x 6 PACK ($90 savings!)

Animals & Dinosaur Puzzles 2x 6 PACK ($90 savings!)

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We're clearing our warehouse after the Holidays and Valentine's! Just cover the US factory production costs!


🤭Did you know 85% of the child’s brain is formed by the age of 3?

Get your toddler a head start in life and try this Montessori puzzles bundle. Appropriate for 1-4-year-olds.

The Montessori puzzles nurture your child’s visual skills, motor development, concentration, physical coordination, body awareness, and strength right from birth.

 Why buy "Montessori"?

✅  Give your toddler a head start
✅  Equip your child with learning skills
✅  Reach their developmental milestones sooner
✅  Develop patience, attention, critical thinking, coordination

✅  2x 6 piece bundle
✅  Appropriate for 1 - 4-year-olds

✅  Made from REAL, solid wood
✅  Vibrant colors
✅  Easy to use & perfect size for little hands
✅  Dino s
hapes: Parasaurolophus, Tyrannosaurus, Spinosaurus, Oviraptor, Pterosaur, Ankylosaurus
✅ Animal shapes: bear 🐻, crab 🦀 , owl 🦉 , bee 🐝 , butterfly 🦋, ladybug 🐞 , and others*

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