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Have you ever played peekaboo with an infant or toddler? Why does this game appeal so much to young children? Adults know that when someone ducks out of view, he has not disappeared forever, but for the young child, it truly is a case of “out of sight, out of mind.” When something is gone from sight, it no longer exists for the child.

When something is gone from sight, it no longer exists for the child.

Swiss psychologist Jean Piaget believed that the development of object permanence, or the ability to understand that objects exist even when not seen, is one of an infant’s primary developmental accomplishments.

Based on his observations Piaget determined that infants learn about their world through their senses – vision, touch, taste, sound, and movement.




The object permanence box is often found in the Montessori infant/toddler environment. It is introduced to children when they are old enough to sit up without assistance, generally around 8–12 months of age.

The direct aim of the material is to help children develop their sense of object permanence. It also indirectly helps them develop focus and concentration and gives them practice developing fine motor skills through the whole-hand grasp.

How to use the Montessori Object Permanence Box

1. Put the work mat in place and put the object permanence box on the work mat so it will be in front of the child. Encourage the child to help.

2. Sit facing the child with the work mat between you.

3. Name the box and the ball: “This is the box. This is the ball.”

4. Slowly and deliberately place the ball in the hole.

5. When the ball rolls to a stop in the tray, smile and pick it up.

6. Repeat the action.

7. Invite the child to place the ball in the hole.

8. Once the child begins putting the ball in the hole, quietly move aside and allow her to work undisturbed.

9. When finished, invite the child to put the materials away on a low shelf so they may work with them again when they wish.



Safety Certified for 1-4 Years
Toys and materials are designed and manufactured to meet safety standards for babies 1-4 years old.


Montessori Materials

Precise materials are at the heart of Montessori education. Products are designed so that children can focus, gain mastery, and flourish.

Sustainably Sourced
Manufactured at an award-winning factory that uses only sustainably forested wood, non-toxic paint, and 100% recyclable packaging.

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Project Montessori  Review
Our Baby's FAVORITE Toy from 6-10 months

We are trying to follow montessori principles at home with our daughter, so we first purchased this box to help teach her object permanence. While simple, this has been her absolute favorite toy since she was 6 months old. At first she loved watching us model it, then loved trying to do it herself, and now loves seeing if larger and smaller objects will fit in. This box keeps her entertained for very long periods of time and also helps give her exercise as she loves crawling after the balls when they don't quite make it in the hole. She has also been very curious about how the box works and looks at the box from all angles to explore. Also, the quality if very good on this. We also purchased the "next" level, which is the cylinder shape with a door and hole and she has not taken to that one (yet).

Project Montessori  Review
Worth it! Beautiful

I’m really happy I needed up buying this! My only regret was not buying it sooner! We got a gift card from a friend for my daughters 1st birthday and I decided to buy it. I have had my eye on this for a while, even though it it so simple there are many more benefits to this type of learning than a toy with buttons that makes sounds. The quality is great and feels so soft and smooth. Ideally I would have gotten this months ago to start teaching her the concept of placing the item where it needs to go. It is worth the money we paid for it for sure!

Project Montessori  Review
High quality Montessori toy

Very nice quality toy that I feel is worth the money and would make a nice gift for a 6 month old or older. The box is sturdy, with a nice finish, and smooth edges. The ball that comes with it is solid wood and I think is helpful for fine motor development. Yes, it makes a loud 'plunk' when it falls, but it's wood. Maybe if your baby is scared of the noise, you could put some felt on the ramp inside. So far the baby likes it even though she hasn't mastered the game yet. This would last for multiples or could be a nice hand-me-down.

Project Montessori  Review
A Baby-Must have!

This is such a great learning toy as well as confidence-building! Once my grandson mastered putting the ball in the hole (at about 10 months old), he was sooooooo proud of himself! He's 14 months now and still plays with it every single day. I bought it to stay at my house, but my daughter was so thrilled with how her baby loved it, that she said it had to be at her house! This is going to be gift for new mothers. You've got to get it.

Project Montessori  Review
Well constructed, quality materials!

This is the second object permanence box I've purchased. This box has a ramp and the ball rolls out of the box, unlike my other one. It is well constructed and made of quality materials and includes a wooden ball. As an aside, at ten months it seems like my baby has mastered this skill and is no longer interested, even if I rotate it in and out of his collection.

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