Montessori Wooden Math Geoboard

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šŸ¤­Did you know kidsĀ learn math as soon as they start exploring the world?

Get yourĀ child a head start in lifeĀ withĀ this Montessori Wooden Math Geoboard.Ā 

The MontessoriĀ Math GeoboardĀ getsĀ your child to practice early math skills,Ā teachesĀ geometric shapes & patterns, helps develop intellectual growth, literacy and analytical mind.Ā If you're homeschooling your kid, this is a greatĀ item!



Why buy "Montessori"?

āœ…Give yourĀ child a head start
āœ…Equip your child with learning skills
āœ…Reach their developmental milestones sooner
āœ…Develop patience, attention, critical thinking, coordinationĀ 


āœ…WoodenĀ geoboard, made from REAL, solid wood

āœ…30 cards with different shapes, rubber bands & storage bag
āœ…For kids ages 4-8
āœ…Great for learning counting, math skills, shapes, improve motor skills
āœ…Educational, easy to use & kids safe


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Safety Certified for 4-8 Years

Toys and materials are designed and manufactured to meet safety standards forĀ kids 4-8 years old.

MontessoriĀ Materials

Precise materials are at the heart of Montessori education.Ā Products are designedĀ so that children can focus, gain mastery, and flourish.

Sustainably Sourced
Manufactured at an award-winning factory that uses only sustainably-forested wood, non-toxic paint, and 100% recyclable packaging.