Bubbler Sensory Toy (4 Pack)

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The perfect way to help your children reduce anxiety and pressure! 🎈

(and create hours of FUN and EVERLASTING memories together 🤩)

"I gave this to my two-year-old daughter today as we had a long car ride ahead of us, and she loved it. It kept her attention, and you could tell she was trying to figure it out!"


Why is this super fun toy a must-have?

🧸The descending bubbles have a calming and mesmerizing effect that will keep your child entertained for hours. Gravity will guide the colored droplets to travel down at a slow-motion pace. 

🧒🏾These sensory toys can help improve visual tracking skills. Slow and rhythmic drops have a very appeasing effect and help kids with sensory or hyperactivity issues. 

🎀Bubbler Sensory Toy is the perfect sensory toy for special needs, autism, and ADHD kids. This liquid motion timer toy can also help fight anxiety, stress, and boredom.

🎁Perfect Gift for all sorts of occasions: Birthdays, Christmas, Graduations, Or Any Holiday.

📝  Product details:
-Quantity: 1 Bubbler Sensory Toy, 4 Pack

-Material: Plastic
-Age appropriateness: 3+ years old

📦 Package includes:
-4 x Bubbler Sensory Toy (different colors).

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Project Montessori Bubbler Sensory Toy (4 Pack) Review

Great Little Toy

I bought three of these, one for my son and two for my nieces. I received two with the same colors even though I ordered multiple but that wasn't a big deal to me (just means the niece's can't fight over who got the "better colors"). If you buy more than one and it's important to you to get all different colors, just be prepared to not have that happen. They feel pretty sturdy and I haven't had any issues with my son's leaking or breaking easily and he's dropped it a few times now. He's almost three and I wanted to give him something other than a tablet to occupy his mind during car drives. He was mesmerized by it on our last trip. So far I'm loving this thing and so is my boy.

Sharon J.
Project Montessori Bubbler Sensory Toy (4 Pack) Review


My son is borderline autistic and has sensory processing disorder. I saw these as suggestion to put in a calm down bag. I thought there was no way he would like this but luckily I was willing to try because I was so wrong. We used it for the first time at family Christmas party and it helped calm him right away. Another example was everyone wanted to go to the movies. He kept acting funny then just started freaking out. I took him out and he would not talk to me. I handed him this and after a few minutes of him playing he calmed down and wanted to talk. So it is seriously like a calm down miracle in a bottle. Would definitely recommend giving a try.

Project Montessori Bubbler Sensory Toy (4 Pack) Review

Green & Red Liquid Motion Bubbler

This is a fun toy for any age. I received the green & red colors. I have it on my desk-- I wish the droplets were a bit slower so it could be enjoyed longer with out taking the time to keep turning it over. I guess if it was for a younger person they may enjoy turning it over more often. I counted it off and it takes about 43 seconds to run through a cycle. It isn't very tall but that's not a problem for me. It's made of a sturdy plastic so I wouldn't be as concerned that it would break if accidentally dropped.

Project Montessori Bubbler Sensory Toy (4 Pack) Review

Great for a two-year-old Autistic boy. Fascinates him and small enough to carry around-

I bought this for a two-year-old autistic boy. He finds watching the gel going down to be fascinating. He never gets excited or out-of-hand but he just likes it. It's also small enough for him to carry it around with him. He always wants something small in his hand and this fits the bill. It was recommended for autistic children by Amazon. I can read all about toys for autistic children but I can't pick them out, based on the articles I've read. I can choose them but I question if I'm corect. I thank Amazon for having a whole section, based on age, for toys for Autistic children. So far, every toy they're recommended has worked out beautifully and he has liked every one I've sent him. So my adorable great-nephew who doesn't talk but smiles when you say something funny to him recommends this toy to his counterparts and wishes them well in their struggle to learn how to fit into the world community, with the aid of their special schools and teachers. And as he does, this is one of the toys, he clearly recommends to others his age.

Project Montessori Bubbler Sensory Toy (4 Pack) Review

Two year old loves it.

I gave this to my two year old daughter today as we had a long car ride ahead of us and she loved it. It kept her attention and you could tell she was trying to figure it out. I like this better than handing her an iPad. It's a good size and seems quite sturdy. It doesn't feel cheap at all.

Kelley D.