Wooden ABCs & 123s Puzzles (4 PACK)

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🤭From early childhood right through to adulthood we love to play with puzzles. We like the way they challenge our thinking and exercise our minds. Puzzles are also an important educational learning tool for toddlers and young children as they provide many skills and cognitive learning benefits and opportunities.

Completing a puzzle, even the simplest of puzzles sets a single goal to achieve. Toddlers and children must think and develop strategies on how to approach achieving this goal.

Give your kids this high-quality preschool puzzle as a gift for the holiday or birthday!


Why buy "Montessori"?

✅Give your toddler a head start.
Equip your child with learning skills.
NO Sharp Points, and won't hurt your kids.
✅Giving your toddler a toy that is safe and stimulating.

Contrasting colors are fascinating to toddlers and stimulate their developing vision.
Sturdy wooden pegs help children grasp each wooden puzzle piece on their own.
✅All-age learning tools
✅Giving toddler’s opportunity to have fun while practicing the things they are learning in school
Safe & Durable Toys for Toddlers
✅Appropriate for 3+-year-olds
✅Made from real solid wood 100% Non-toxic and BPA-free materials
✅Give kids another engaging option for screen-free fun.
✅Easy to use & perfect size for little hands
✅Stimulates children's development


Why kids love it? 


✅Solving puzzles encourages kids to hold visual images in their memories.


They learn the power of choice and strategy as they begin to recognize and thoughtfully understand how pieces fit together.


Matching activities help kids note similarities, which in turn enable them to generalize. 


Overcoming the challenges involved in solving a puzzle really gives them a sense of achievement and pride within themselves.

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Safety Certified for 1-4 Years

Toys and materials are designed and manufactured to meet safety standards for babies 1-4 years old.


Montessori Materials

Precise materials are at the heart of Montessori education. Products are designed so that children can focus, gain mastery, and flourish.

Sustainably Sourced
Manufactured at an award-winning factory that uses only sustainably forested wood, non-toxic paint, and 100% recyclable packaging.

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Project Montessori  Review
Wonderful gift for a toddler

Bought this for my nephew. The pieces were just the right size for toddler fingers to be able to pick up. The colors were bright and I was very impressed with the quality. It was nice to get away from all the electronic toys and get something that was educational. I would buy this again without hesitation.

Emaan S.
Project Montessori  Review
Fun and educational!

This set of puzzles will keep toddlers happy and engaged while they match up the pieces on each of the four boards. The knobs are sturdy and just the right size for little hands. I like that the spaces on the board have pictures to match each piece. I also like that the pictures are labeled. Fun and educational play is so important. The bright and bold pictures make these puzzles very appealing, too.

Bayley E.
Project Montessori  Review
Education and fun at same time.

These are quality puzzle set. Made of good quality wood. They are very easy to handle. Every puzzle piece has a holding button on top so the kids can easily remove and place them wherever they want. There are a lot of education details in this puzzle set. Alphabets, number, animal, shapes etc. They even provide a day stand in which we can place all the puzzles together when not in use. Easy to store and maintain. It's quite a lot of fun as well as education.

Sonya C.
Project Montessori  Review
Nice little puzzles!

My 19 month old so has been begging me for new puzzles for awhile, and he was ecstatic when these came in the mail. Some are more difficult than others, which is nice because it enables me to provide progressively more challenging puzzles as he masters the easier ones. The puzzle rack that comes with it is a game changer, and honestly that was one of the main reasons I chose this set. It makes keeping all the puzzles neat SO much easier. Would definitely recommend.

Isa G.
Project Montessori  Review
Very Impressive Set!

Gave this to my toddler nephew and he loves it. I like that there is an image/label underneath the puzzle piece to help assist with matching the space with the cutout. There is even a nice detail of how to write out the letters and numbers. Knobs are a good size for his little fingers and the rack for storage is a great bonus. I definitely recommend this for toddlers who are learning basic shapes, letters & numbers.

Amelie A.
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