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 "My toddler LOVES this book!"

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Kids are obsessed with these bath books. They instantly become the favorite go-to toy for kids 1-3 years old, especially for bath time.
These books nurture your child's visual skills, motor development, concentration, and attract their attention.

Why it's good for kids?

✅ Ultimate fun
✅ Good for brain development
✅ Bond with grandparents
✅ Nurtures child’s visual skills, motor development, concentration, physical coordination
✅ Develops patience, attention, and focus
✅ Keeps kids occupied

Why it's good for grandparents?

 Safe playtime
✅ Less supervision
✅ Great for bonding with grandchildren
✅ Witness your grandchild's milestones
✅ Shipped from the US 🇺🇸

What does your grandchild get?

 8 thematic books:
Fruit 🍎
Ocean 🌊
Digital 📺
Animal 🐘
Graphics 👾
Transportation 🚌
English alphabet 🔤
Musical Instrument 🎻
✅ Endless happy hours


What do you get?

 30-day "no questions asked" money-back guarantee
 Free shipping in the US
 Top-notch customer support
 Huge discount

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Project Montessori  Review
Great First Books ;)

I got this for my 18 month olds for theirs bath time and they love it. The colors are very vibrant and there are multiple types of books like shapes, animals, sea animals etc. the quality of books are awesome and it doesn’t look cheaply made. I think this can be great starter book kit for present!!

Project Montessori  ReviewProject Montessori  Review
Awesome books for teething babies!!

I was so excited to get these books for my teething baby. I had previously paid over 10 dollars for a similar book and these books are just as good ( and there’s 8!!!) They didn’t have a weird smell like others. I washed them and they air dried in a couple of hours. My baby loves them since he is teething and he enjoys the sound they make. They are also good because I can read the books to him without worrying about him ripping them or me accidentally giving him a paper cut.

Project Montessori  ReviewProject Montessori  Review
Great cloth books for babies - easy to clean and pack. One of my new favorites!

These might be one of my favorite 'toys' for my 16 week old daughter! PROS: 1. Easy to clean - throw in the washer and hang to dry. It took not even half a day hanging by our window to dry. (See attached photo) 2. Can be easily packed for when you go outside. My favorite way of taking them outside is with peg links. I put 2 books in 1 link and I can attach it to the diaper bag or her stroller. (See attached photo) 3. Lightweight and perfect size for baby to hold on to. The crinkly cover pages are great for keeping baby interested too! 4. There are 8 books! So in my case, I was able to make 4 book sets qith the links. I have 1 for her diaper bag, another for the car seat, 1 for the stroller and 1 for home. 5. Colorful!

Project Montessori  ReviewProject Montessori  Review
Bath books are so wonderful

These bath books are so wonderful our two old enjoys them while he plays in bathtub.these are good for gifts too our guy folds and tear even his board books with these it’s easy he can’t tear them and also crinkle sound he enjoys it

Project Montessori  Review
Great for babies/toddlers who like to put things in their mouth

My toddler puts everything in her mouth. We have a mountain of cardboard books that she tore and bit to pieces. These are great because I'm not afraid she'll be eating pieces of it. They are colorful pictures and great for teaching them first words. I don't use these in the bath so I can't vouch for how fast they dry. These also make great gift for new parents.

Kim L.