Best Seller: 23-Pcs Kids Sensory Toys

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🤭Did you know that Sensory toys are beneficial to all ages, abilities and not limited in use?

Get your kid a head start in life and try these Kids Sensory Toys. Appropriate for 7+-year-olds.

The Kids Sensory Toys nurture your child’s fine and gross motor skills, social interaction, concentration, physical coordination, body awareness, and strength right from birth.

Why buy "Sensory Toys"?

✅Help to strengthen brain development
✅Encourages children to talk about new textures and shapes
✅Helping to stimulate movement and activity for Kids
Develop patience, attention, critical thinking, coordination

✅Designed to engage a child’s attention
✅Fun Learning & Developmental Toys 
✅28 pieces toys
Appropriate for 7+-year-olds

✅Made from REAL, Non-Toxic Materials
✅Vibrant colors
✅Easy to use & perfect size for little hands

Why these are great for your Kids?

It helps to build nerve connections in the brain
It encourages the development of motor skills
It supports language development
It encourages ‘scientific thinking' and problem solving
It can involve mindful activities which are beneficial for all children

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Safety Certified for 7+ Years

Toys and materials are designed and manufactured to meet safety standards for babies 7+ years old.

Montessori Materials

Precise materials are at the heart of Montessori education. Products are designed so that children can focus, gain mastery, and flourish.

Sustainably Sourced

Manufactured at an award-winning factory that uses only sustainably-forested wood, non-toxic paint, and 100% recyclable packaging.

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Project Montessori Best Seller: 23-Pcs Kids Sensory Toys Review

Big variety, I like the colors and small enough to carry them in your pocket

I like the variety of the items. I bought this for me and to give away to some of my co-workers. They are small enough you can carry them in your pocket and take it to meetings. I’m on conference calls all the time and this is a good way to just release some stress or boredom . I like the mini spinners and my one year old daughter already took some of the squeeze toys.

Miller E.
Project Montessori Best Seller: 23-Pcs Kids Sensory Toys Review


You get a lot of fidgety things for the price. I use them in my 4th grade class to help the kids that need it to focus better. Totally worth the price!

Sami M.
Project Montessori Best Seller: 23-Pcs Kids Sensory Toys Review

Trasure Toys

I bought this for my son's 3rd grade class treasure box. My son loved it and says the rest of the kids do too. My least favorite items are the plastic puzzle balls. My kids love the long squishy, stretchy worm like bands as well as the spinners.

Tyrese C.
Project Montessori Best Seller: 23-Pcs Kids Sensory Toys Review

They loved them

I'm a teacher, and I bought this set to create some "work alone" boxes for my preschoolers. Going into it, I knew there were already some toys in this set that wouldn't be appropriate for 2.5-5 year olds (the pointy ninja star fidget spinners, the puzzle balls). That being said, I was able to use a majority of the toys, and my preschoolers LOST THEIR **** over how cool everything was. There were even smaller fidget spinners, perfect for small hands! I would highly recommend these. They are fun to play with for my preschoolers, as well as the other adults in my classroom (hehe). They are also great for my kiddos who have high sensory needs and for working on dem fine motor skillz. The last thing I will say is that I don't see the squishy animals that come in this set lasting for very long, but again, they are getting heavy daily use from some very aggressive little preschool hands. Buy this set for you, buy it for your kids, buy it for your florist! Everyone will like these squishy mofos!!

Rio H.
Project Montessori Best Seller: 23-Pcs Kids Sensory Toys Review

Hours of fun

I bought this to create a "pick a prize" opportunity (using a large empty coffee container that I decorated and this particular package of 28 items filled it to the brim) for the kids while on a long road trip and attempting to keep them occupied and OFF technology. It was a HUGE hit and every time I would announce it was time to pick a prize, I would reach towards the back seat and hold the bucket high so they couldn't see into it and they had a 10 second time limit to dig around in the tub and pull something out that felt interesting to them. Hours of fun had by all (including us parents) playing and fidgeting with all of the little prizes. I am going to order more for sure!

Rikki E.